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Aprepitant Intermediate155742-64-6

【Alias】 Intermediate of Arepitam
【Catalogue Number】AP0602
【CAS #】200000-59-5
【Molecular formula】 C27H26F7NO5S
【Product Introduction】(2R,3S)-2-[(1R)-1-[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]ethoxy]-3-(4-fluorophenyl)morpholine P-toluenesulfonate, English name is (2R,3S)-2-[(1R)-l-[3,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)phe-nyl]ethoxy]-3-(4-fluorophenyl)-morpholine hydrochloride, the American Chemical Abstracts Registry number is cas 200000-59-5.
English Name : Aprepitant Intermediate
CAS# : 155742-64-6
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CAS 155742-64-6

Alias Aprepitant Intermediate

Catalog number AP0603

CAS # 155742-64-6

Molecular formula C4H8ClN3O2

Molecular weight 165.58

Structural formula


Product introduction

CAS 155742-64-6 methyl 2- (2-chloro-1-ethylene) hydrazide formate, English name N-Methylcarbonyl-2-chloro-acetami

drazone hydrochloride, American Chemical Abstracts Registry number cas 155742-64-6.

This product (cas 155742-64-6) is an intermediate of aprepitant. Aprepitant was the first neurokinin approved by the US FDA in 2003. (NK-1) receptor blocker, which blocks the action of substance P by binding to the NK-1 receptor (mainly present in the central nervous system and its periphery). This product can cross the blood-brain barrier and occupy the NK-1 receptor in the brain. It has selectivity and high affinity, and has a high affinity for NK. 2 and NK-3 receptor affinity is very low. At the same time, this product has a low affinity for the targets of other drugs (such as dopamine receptors, 5 HT receptors) for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting symptoms.