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Bortezomib pinanediol ester

【Alias】Bortezomib pinanediol ester
【Catalogue Number】AP0102
【CAS #】205393-22-2
【Molecular formula】 C29H39BN4O4
【Introduction】Bortezomib pinanediol ester, the English name is Bortezomib-Pinanediol, the American Chemical Abstracts Registry number is cas 205393-22-2.
English Name : Bortezomib pinanediol ester
CAS# : 205393-22-2
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Bortezomib pinanediol ester
CAS 205393-22-2

Other name Butezomipine diol

Catalog number AP0102

CAS # 205393-22-2

Molecular formula C29H39BN4O4

Molecular weight 518.46

Structural formula


Product introduction

CAS 205393-22-2 Bortezomib alkyl diol ester, English name is Bortezomib-Pinanediol, American Chemical Abstracts Registration Number is cas 205393-22-2.

Bortezomib oxanediol ester (cas 205393-22-2) is an intermediate of bortezomib. Bortezomib is a reversible inhibitor of 26S proteasome chymotrypsin-like activity in mammalian cells. Proteolysis can affect the cascade of multilevel signals in the cell, and this damage to the normal intracellular environment can lead to cell death. Inhibition of the 26S proteasome prevents hydrolysis of specific proteins. In vitro tests have proven that bortezomib is cytotoxic to many types of cancer cells. Preclinical tumor model in vivo tests have demonstrated that bortezomib can delay tumor growth, including multiple myeloma. Bortezomib can be used in the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma.