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With the continuous emergence of environmental, social and economic problems, resource exhaustion and environmental pollution have become the key concerns of the government and the general public. Under the influence of China's adherence to sustainable development strategies, Viwit will also use "sustainable development" as an important strategy for enterprise development. We adhere to sustainable development in all aspects and at all levels of the company, and provide favorable guarantees for the healthy development of the company.

Viwit complies with relevant international standards and environmental protection policies, and places environmental protection as important as scientific and technological innovation. Taking "EHS (Environmental Protection-Health-Safety)" as the basic policy for enterprise development, constantly improving the management system, establishing environmental awareness, and strictly reducing the "three wastes" emissions and the use of hazardous substances from processes and production.

In the research and development of scientific research projects, it is required that the environmental protection plan must be presented before the project is established. Without the environmental protection project, it cannot be industrialized. Each R&D project has a dedicated environmental protection team, which is responsible for researching the best "three wastes" treatment scheme and strictly reducing the production and emissions of "three wastes" from the process.

Product production and waste treatment are strictly implemented in accordance with international standards. Investment in waste treatment and recycling is large. Advanced waste gas and waste gas treatment systems are deployed. International, regional and local laws and regulations are implemented to meet emission standards. emission.

At the same time, in order to reduce exhaust gas emissions, Viwit closed-up the equipment, installed and introduced advanced equipment and technologies such as organic waste gas condensation recovery and treatment devices, and membrane filtration to reduce the generation of pollutants.

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