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Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits

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  • Time of issue:2020-01-24 00:00:00
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The company provides employees with industry-competitive salaries and advocates a fair and reasonable performance evaluation system to ensure the fairness of salary levels. Viwit promises that no one outstanding employee will leave because of unreasonable salary!


Insurance and provident fund: The company applies social insurance, housing provident fund, employer liability insurance and other insurances for employees in accordance with state regulations. The company will consider the company's operating conditions for employees to choose and purchase commercial insurance.

Health check-up: The company conducts regular health check-ups for employees at the company's expense.

Year-end bonus: The company evaluates the four dimensions of business and profit growth, department performance, employees 'responsibilities and performance, and employees' recognition and integration of the company's cultural philosophy, and determines the amount of year-end awards.

Paid annual leave: In addition to the legal holidays stipulated by the state, company employees can also enjoy paid annual leave.

Equity incentives: After working in the company for two years and becoming employees at the third or higher level for one year, they can enjoy the equity incentive policy after being reviewed and approved by the management committee.

Special benefits: In order to encourage employees to start caring for their parents, lovers, and children, "Small Family" and "Everyone" build a healthy and harmonious home with gratitude, Viwit provides richness for Viwit employees and Viwit families Flexible benefits, sharing Viwit and care.

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