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In view of the widespread production and low energy efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry, Viwit saves energy by introducing the concept of clean production. Viwit has established a clean production team to promote clean production in an all-round way. Through the popularization and use of high-efficiency gas absorption and separation, biological deodorization of wastewater stations, and membrane technology, Viwit has reduced pollution, water usage, and electricity usage.

The whole company's water system was transformed, and the use of recycled water and the direct change of cooling water to closed circuit were adopted to save precious water resources.

Through the improvement of equipment and technology, Viwit has increased the types of solvent recovery and increased the recovery rate, so as to achieve the purposes of solvent recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction.

In power supply, distribution systems and electrical equipment, power-saving products and technologies are applied. By adopting new low-loss transformers, optimizing the operation mode of transformers, applying high-efficiency motors, adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, and chopper internal feedback speed regulation energy-saving technologies,we are able to improve power efficiency; using dynamic reactive power compensation technology to improve system power factor and suppress harmonics; Promote green lighting and use high-efficiency light sources and efficient lamps to replace incandescent lamps.

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