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Innovation is the main development strategy, and Viwit has continuously improved the level, depth and breadth of innovation, and has successively developed platform technologies such as chiral drug technology, sustained and controlled release technology, nano drug technology and antiviral drug technology. Innovation has also driven the upgrade of our business areas.

Viwit moved up in the industrial value chain along the way, from chiral borane products, to chiral APIs, to specialty generic drugs, to innovative drugs with unmet clinical needs.Viwit’s state-of-the art manufacturing and R&D facilities, and excellent R&D and quality teams offer quality products that comply with US, European, and Chinese pharmacopoeia standards.

Viwit carries out the corporate mission of "Innovation for a better life" without compromise, to meet clinical needs and customer needs as the starting point of technological innovation, to enhance the overall "value creation" of the company as the focus of technological innovation, to promote innovation through cooperation, and to achieve sustainable development through innovation.



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