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Organic synthesis researcher Discussed personally 元
所属部门 : Researcher
  • Shandong province | | jinan city | | area|| ||
  • 1-3 years
  • Junior high school
  • Full time
  • 招1人
Description of position:
Job requirements:
(1) honest and trustworthy, able to take responsibility;
(2) bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, fine chemical engineering or related;
(3) more than 1 year working experience in basic chemical research, 1 year working experience in project leader, and good performance;
(4) during the project development, able to independently analyze and provide solutions, and able to independently complete general technical research work under appropriate guidance;
(5) able to find general problems in the process and propose improvement plans, and able to understand the improvements and improvements in the professional field;
(6) have the ability of organization and coordination, as well as the ability to learn new things, and have a strong reading ability.
Job responsibilities:
(1) be responsible for solving general basic research problems of organic chemistry, and participate in solving complex basic research problems under guidance;
(2) able to lead the subordinate team to complete r&d projects under guidance;
(3) work independently in accordance with the designed synthesis route;
(4) strictly abide by the project management system and complete the project plan and experiment records as required; Timely make all kinds of records, and according to the records to make statistics, filing;
(5) other work of project management.

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