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Smoking cessation drugs Varenicline hydrochloride 230615-23-3

【Alias】 Vallenklin tartrate
【Catalog number】AP0507
【CAS #】 375815-87-5
【Molecular formula】C17H19N3O6
【Product Brief】 US-DMF No. 030182 varenic acid tartrate, English name is varenicline tartrate, CAS 375815-87-5.
English Name : Varenicline hydrochloride
CAS# : 230615-23-3
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Varenicline hydrochloride
CAS # 230615-23-3

Alias 6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-6,10-methyl bridge-6H-pyrazino [2,3-H] [3] benzoazepine hydrochloride; varnaclan hydrochloride

Catalog number AP0506

CAS # 230615-23-3

Molecular formula C13H14ClN3

Molecular weight 247.72

Structural formula


Product introduction

CAS 230615-23-3 Varencline hydrochloride, English name Varenicline hydrochloride, American Chemical Abstracts Registry Number CAS 230615-23-3.

Valenkelin hydrochloride (cas 230615-23-3) is FDA approved and can be used as a non-nicotine smoking cessation drug. The test results show that after drug treatment, the success rate of quitting smoking for six months is 30%. When smoking, nicotine acts as a receptor in the brain, bringing satisfaction to smokers. Varenicline hydrochlorid acts on nicotine-affected areas of the human brain, exerting effects similar to nicotine, soothing withdrawal symptoms during smoking, and preventing The effects of nicotine on the human body when you quit smoking again.