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【Alias】(-)-B-Diisopinepine chloroborane; (-)-Diisopinepine chloroborane
【Catalog Number】CR0250
【CAS #】85116-37-6
【Molecular Formula】C20H34BCl
【Molecular Weight】320.75
English Name : (-)-B-Chlorodiisopinocampheylborane
CAS# : 85116-37-6


Alias (-)-B-Diisopinepine chloroborane; (-)-Diisopinepine chloroborane
Catalog Number CR0250
CAS # 85116-37-6
Molecular Formula C20H34BCl
Molecular Weight 320.75
Structural Formula 威智医药
Product Introduction

CAS 85116-37-6 (-)-Diisonopyridinylchloroborane, the English name is (-)-B-Chlorodiisopinocampheylborane, and the American Chemical Abstracts Registration Number is cas 85116-37-6.

Diisopinepine chloroborane (cas 85116-37-6) is a chiral reducing agent commonly used in the production of drugs. It is mainly used to directly reduce aldehyde and ketone groups in a drug molecule to have chirality. Of alcohols. Its application is very extensive, especially in the production process of some high value-added drugs at home and abroad, the alcohol obtained by reduction can have a relatively high ee value.


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