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Viwit 2016 Annual Gala Successfully Held

On January 24th, all employees of Viwit held the 2016 Spring Festival in the blue brick and red tile Longyuan Ancient Town. The company's president Wei Yanjun gave a congratulatory message to all employees, affirmed the work in 2015, thanked all the wise people for their hard work over the past year, expressed their expectations for future development, and sent the deepest to all employees and their families. blessing.

Mr. Wei attended and exchanged keynote speeches on talent cooperation and entrepreneurship in Shandong (East US)

On the evening of April 26, New York time, Dr. Wei Yanjun, Chairman and President of Viwit, delivered a keynote speech at the Shandong (East US) Talents Cooperation and Entrepreneurship Exchange.

Welcome participants in CPhI China 2016, booth number W2A09

The 16th CPhI China 2016 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 21-23, 2016. Welcome to patronize Viwit, booth number: W2A09. If you would like to make an appointment in advance, please email us at

Congratulations to Viwit Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

In October 2016, Viwit accepted the 5-day GMP on-site review of the Atazanavir Sulfate API by the Ministry of Health of Mexico (COFEPRIS), and again with "zero defect" results Successfully passed the audit. Following the first COFEPRIS audit in 2014, Viwit successfully passed the on-site inspection with excellent results. Due to the increasing global GMP requirements, this audit is more stringent than in the past, but Viwit has always adhered to the concept of cGMP norms and continued to improve its quality management. The production environment and quality system have left a good impression on the COPRIPRIS auditors. The GMP review by COFEPRIS in Mexico strengthened Viwit's belief in healthy products. Viwit will continue to adhere to the GMP standard, strictly control each link, and provide more safe and high quality API products.

Congratulations to the successful conclusion of the 2016 CPhI Worldwide exhibition

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 2016 World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Europe Exhibition, and thank all the new and old customers who came to the site for their trust and support. Through this exhibition, we have deepened cooperation with customers and laid the foundation for further expanding the market. We will continue to work hard to create value for our customers.

Congratulations to Viwit Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd for passing Cofepris certification of the Ministry of Health of Mexico

In October 2015, Viwit Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd. ushered in the GMP audit of the Atazanavir Sulfate API by the Mexican official Cofepris. After five days of intensive and orderly inspection and certification, we have all zero defects It successfully passed the on-site inspection and finally obtained the GMP certificate issued by the Mexican Ministry of Health Cofepris. The Cofepris certification of the Mexican Ministry of Health further strengthened the company's GMP concept and improved the production management system. At the same time, it opened the door to the Latin American market for the company's sales of APIs and became the cornerstone of future regulatory market certification.
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