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Viwit is committed to creating a platform-based enterprise that connects partners and fosters collaboration. The cooperative development model allows Viwit and partners to participate at different stages of the industrial value chain to achieve common goals. Viwit offers a platform in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and clinical services for a win-win partnership.


Gathering wisdom and power:

Wisdom refers to all the partners gathered by the platform, and power refers to the resources provided by the partners. Partners include not only external partners, but also internal partners, such as Viwit employees. Partners are the platform's most valuable assets. Partners not only provide the required resources for the platform, but also support each other from multiple aspects such as technological innovation, business management, marketing, project investment, etc. to share results and achieve common development objectives.


Creating a global biopharmaceutical innovation platform:

The goal of Viwit is to make the platform play an active role in R&D, innovation, production, and sales of biopharmaceuticals, as well as building a global network of resources in areas of technology innovation, operations and marketing. Viwit will establish an international innovation platform for chemical drug products, biopharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, etc.

Viwit adheres to the values of open cooperation and collaboration. Viwit actively provides services such as project co-development/collaboration, research and development cooperation, production cooperation, marketing authorization cooperation, and joint venture. Viwit provides platform R&D and commercialization support for biotech companies and growing companies. Viwit brings together partners’ and Viwit's own resources to achieve common goals.


Establish an ecosystem that serves the healthcare needs of the general public:

The goal of Viwit’s products and services is to meet the healthcare needs of the general public. Viwit actively listens to feedback from patients, healthcare practitioners, clinical researchers, and business partners to build an industrial value chain system in a time of increasingly complex drug research and investment.

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