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所属部门 : Researcher
  • Shandong province | | jinan city | | area|| ||
  • No limit
  • Regular college
  • Full time
  • 招1人
Description of position:
Job requirements:
(1) college degree or above in medicine or pharmacy;
(2) more than 1 year working experience in drug production or drug quality management, and familiar with GMP;
(3) have the experience of quality management and certain ability of organization and coordination;
(4) familiar with, master and correctly implement the relevant national laws and regulations, correctly understand and master the relevant provisions of GMP.
Job responsibilities:
(1) responsible for the monitoring and management of material storage, air conditioning system and water system; Responsible for material release and use;
(2) participate in the draft of material management documents and change control. Supervise the implementation of GMP documents in material receiving, storage, distribution and material handling;
(3) participate in the GMP self-inspection of the enterprise, and follow up and manage the rectification measures proposed by the self-inspection;
(4) responsible for collecting material quality information and summarizing and analyzing material management quality management;
(5) responsible for the training and assessment of QA personnel, and the formulation of the training and assessment plan; responsible for the drafting of the department's staff post responsibilities, and the assessment and management of the department's staff.

VIWIT  Shanghai  ICP  12014533-1