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Senior quality investigator of preparations

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Senior quality investigator of preparations Discussed personally 元
所属部门 : Researcher
  • Shandong province | | jinan city | | area|| ||
  • 3-5 years
  • Senior high school
  • Full time
  • 招1人
Description of position:
Job requirements:
(1) have the spirit of integrity, dedication, unity and enterprising;
(2) master degree or above, major in analytical chemistry or pharmacy;
(3) more than 4 years of work experience in quality analysis, more than 2 years of work experience in the person in charge of analysis, and good performance;
(4) rich experience in developing and verifying analytical methods, proficient in writing technical application materials related to quality research, excellent project coordination ability, and familiar with regulatory requirements and guiding principles related to drug registration and quality research;
(5) proficient in the use and maintenance of analytical instruments;
(6) have team leadership, be able to train talents and stimulate enthusiasm.
Job responsibilities:
(1) audit, verification, acceptance and analysis of related work in the process of introducing new products and new technologies of preparations;
(2) quality research and quality analysis of self-research projects and technical improvement, and analysis of relevant technical data collation;
(3) lead and organize the completion of the group's equipment maintenance, consumables management and other tasks;
(4) audit work before quality research and quality analysis technical data archiving;
(5) reasonably arrange the work of quality researchers and experimentations to complete the work tasks.

VIWIT  Shanghai  ICP  12014533-1