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Preparation researcher Discussed personally 元
所属部门 : Researcher
  • Shandong province | | jinan city | | area|| ||
  • 3-5 years
  • No limit
  • Full time
  • 招1人
Description of position:
Job requirements:
(1) major in pharmacy or pharmacy, bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years experience in chemical preparation research and development, with experience in small-volume injection, freeze-dried powder, tablet and other dosage forms is preferred;
(2) familiar with new drug preparation technology, able to independently carry out prescription screening, and able to independently undertake pharmaceutical preparation work of new drug research and development;
(3) able to fill in the original recorded data obtained in the experiment in a timely, accurate, true and complete manner;
(4) familiar with the new drug registration requirements, can assist in the preparation, sorting and review of application materials;
(5) able to independently operate various preparation and analytical instruments and equipment, be familiar with the preparation process of various dosage forms, and master the routine inspection of various dosage forms;
(6) fresh graduates of pharmacy and pharmacy related majors can be trained as assistant pharmaceutical researchers.
Job responsibilities:
(1) engaged in the research and development of the preparation prescription process for small trials, the pilot trials/production amplification and the subsequent technology transfer;
(2) responsible for the development and verification of self-research projects and technology improvement process or quality research methods;
(3) carry out project quality research methods or preparation process handover with external departments;
(4) responsible for the administration and maintenance of preparation laboratory and equipment;
(5) other work delivered by the leader.

VIWIT  Shanghai  ICP  12014533-1