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Organic synthesis quality researcher Discussed personally 元
所属部门 : Researcher
  • Shandong province | | jinan city | | area|| ||
  • 1-3 years
  • No limit
  • Full time
  • 招1人
Description of position:
Job requirements:
(1) have the spirit of integrity, dedication, unity and enterprising;
(2) bachelor degree or above, major in analytical chemistry or pharmacy, more than 1 year's experience in quality control and good performance, able to independently develop and verify analytical methods;
(3) proficient in the use of various analytical instruments, master a variety of physical and chemical analysis;
(4) able to independently carry out OOS/OOT related work in quality control and implement preventive measures to effectively ensure the quality policy;
(5) as the person in charge of product quality, independently responsible for general product quality control, and deal with general changes and deviations;
(6) able to undertake detailed design, implementation, verification, preparation of procedures and change of general processes in a certain product quality index or specific quality technology field;
(7) proficient in Office, common Office software of PDF and Chemstation, Chromeleon, Chemdraw, MestReNova, MassHunter Workstation.
Job responsibilities:
(1) development of analytical methods for new products of the r&d department and daily sample delivery and testing;
(2) development of analytical methods for new products in pilot trials;
(3) when the pilot test is transferred to the pilot test, the analysis method is transferred to the QC verification group after the pilot test completes the first batch of verification; For items without verification, transfer to QC center control;
(4) method development and optimization of historical problems;
(5) the supplier is unable to provide the new raw material testing of the analysis method;
(6) timely make all kinds of records, and make statistics and archives according to the records;
(7) to complete other work delivered by the leader.

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