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Organic synthesis (assistant) researcher

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Organic synthesis (assistant) researcher Discussed personally 元
所属部门 : Organic synthesis (assistant) researcher
  • Shandong | | zaozhuang | | tengzhou city|| ||
  • No limit
  • Master
  • Full time
  • 招25人
Description of position:

  Job requirements:

  (1)Honest and trustworthy, can take responsibility;

  (2)Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, pharmacology, fine chemical engineering or related;

  (3)Fresh graduates with excellent grades are welcome to apply;

  (4)Ability to perform experiments independently, able to analyze organic spectra;

  (5)Excellent execution and ability to take responsibility;

  (6)Have strong organization and coordination ability and ability to learn new things, have strong reading ability.

   Job responsibilities

  (1)Consult relevant literature and participate in the establishment of synthetic route;

  (2)Lead the small team to carry out the project according to the established synthesis route.

  Working placeTengzhou, shandong


VIWIT  Shanghai  ICP  12014533-1